Shortlinks replaced by Bitcoin donations. I’m sorry.

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First off I want to apologize to anyone feeling that adding in those Coinhive shortlinks was a bad idea. You were right and I regret doing it. It’s a rather bad decsion that was made by me and I see now what kind of potential it has to ruin everything I’ve created over the last some years.

Instead I’ve removed the shortlinks and added a QR code and Wallet-ID for you, my fans and supporters, to donate Bitcoins if you feel like giving back in some way. I appreciate any donation you guys make as it helps out keeping this passionate hobby of mine running.

My sincere apologies
~ Milky

Work in progress: T-34-3

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Turret and gun model pretty much done although it’s undecided what kind of barrel I’ll be using for this. Something like on my 121 might be a possibility. As for the hull model which I need to start next I was thinking of a mashup and improvement of the WZ-120 and 121 hulls.



9.20.1 Updates

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Hey it’s patchday again, contact lists are broken on EU and here are some updates.


Tanks added to the list:

  • T-64A
  • T-64A (UML version)


Tanks that received updates are the following:

  • FV4202
  • M47 Patton
  • M48A5
  • M551 Sheridan
  • Type 74
  • Contour Icons

(If you have any of the tanks above you NEED to download the updated files)


Tanks that got removed due to WG’s official HD models being introduced.

  • FV215b
  • FV215b 120
  • T-34-3

Both FV215b and T-34-3 will get remodels based of the official WG HD models soon. I’m already working on them.


.wotmod Installation

Here is a graphical guide how to install the new mod format.

You can find 7zip


G13 (Hetzer replacement) ( : Front, Back)

United States of America

Chrysler K GF ( : Front)

M46 Tiger (M46 Patton KR replacement) (WT import) ( : Front)

M47 Patton (WT import) ( : Front, Back)

M551 Sheridan (XM551 replacement) (WT import) ( : Front, 105mm Gun)

M48A5 ( : Front, Back)

M60A1 (M60 replacement) (WT import) ( : Front)

T110E5 ( : Front)

T25/2 ( : Front, Back)

T25 AT ( : Front, Back)

T26E4(WT import) ( : Front, Back)

T34 Heavy ( : Front, Back)

T49 (WT import) ( : Front, Back)

T95E2 ( : Front, Back)


E 50 ( : Front, Back)

E 50 Ausf. M ( : Front, Back)

Jagdpanzer E 50 ( : Front, Back)

leKpz. M 41 90 mm ( Use only one of the script files, not both.) ( : Front)

Leopard 1A1A1 (WT import) ( : Front, Back)

Sd. Kfz. 140/1 (Pz. I C replacement) (WT import) ( : Front)

Skorpion G ( : Front)

VK 45.02 (P) Ausführung B ( : Front, Back)


AMX 13 57 GF (Black non-WGL Skin) ( : Front)

AMX 13 90 ( : Front, Back)

Bat.-Châtillon 25 t ( : Front, Back)

M4A1 Revalorisé ( : Front, Back)

United Kingdom

FV4202P ( : Front, Back)


ST-I ( : Front, Back)

T-54AM ( Available for T-54, T-54 Mod 1, T-54 ltwt, T-55A) ( : Front)

T-62A Battle-Hardened ( : Front, Back)

T-64A (WT import) ( includes 2 hull versions.) ( : Front, Back)

T-64A (UML version) (WT import) (  Requires atacms’ Universal Model Loader) ( : Front, Back)

T-90A (WT import) ( includes script file for all T10 RU mediums. Only install the ones you want the skin to work on) (: Front, Back)


110 ( : Front, Back)

121 ( : Front, Back)

T-54AM ( Available for Type 59 and T-34-2) ( : Front)

WZ-120 ( : Front, Back)


Type 61 (WT import) ( Use only one of the script files, not both.) ( : Front, Back)

Type 74 (STB-1 replacement) (WT import) ( : Front, Back)


Strv S1 ( : Front, Back)

Strv 81 Squad Fam ( : Front, Back) (Putting this one on the list since it was well received lol)


BT-42 ( : Front, Back)

Miscellaneous mods

Contour Icons ( : Preview)

Modpacks/Installers including my remodels

Aslain’s XVM Mod + ModPack Installer

Milky’s Mod Shop Installer by _StretCh

Modding World of Warplanes 3D models? Not the first to do but one of the first few.

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You probably heard of the World of Warplanes reboot called 2.0. As someone who enjoys air battles in Warthunder I went ahead and downloaded the game to see if it was any good. Turns out it’s a fun arcade game and sure as hell better than what was the game before patch 2.0 but one thing that got my attention were the “not so good” plane models. Of course as someone who mods tanks in World of Tanks I checked if both games use the same file types and whatnot and they do luckily. So as a simple proof of concept I’ve imported Warthunder’s Bf 109 B-1 into World of Warplanes.

The skin you see on the plane isn’t the vanilla but a community made one.




Now if you’re asking will I do WoWp stuff then the answer to that question is more than likely a no. At least not unless the game gains in popularity. There’s also not much to do, you can’t just slap ERA and sideskirts onto a plane and call it a day like you can do in WoT.

Only time will tell.

T-64A (Universal Model Loader version)

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  • This remodel requires atacms’ Universal Model Loader to work
  • Hotkey actuated track guard plates and independently rotating cupola
  • WT import
  • Working camo, emblems, inscriptions and marks of excellence
  • Available for the Obj. 140, Obj. 430 and T-62A
  • Replaced original band type tracks with custom segmented tracks
  • Properly animated light and coaxial MG
  • Chassis model with camouflage






 How to install


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  • Suomi Finland Perkele
  • Working camo, emblems and inscriptions
  • Custom turret and gun models
  • Chassis model with camouflage
  • Finnish roundel replacing the Finnish flag emblem (seen in images above)


  Additional skins




 How to install