Frequently Asked Questions

Question: You have to make me a [#remodel] of the [#tankname]. Please I need it.

Answer: Entitled to nothing
Long Answer: I do this as a hobby on my free time and merely decide to share it here out of kindness. What kind of remodels or skins I do is bases on what tanks I own or I’m interested in. That’s why it’s futile to ask for something on my blog (especially in the comments). If you’ve got a serious and and well explained proposal send me a direct message on the WoT forums.

Question: Can you make me a [#skin]

Answer: No
Long Answer: I do 3D remodeling. Skins need to be designed, drawn and transfered onto a 3D model. That’s time lost where I could be doing remodels. For skins ask someone else on the forums.

Question: Why are you not doing [#tankname] instead of [#othertankname]?

Answer: I don't care
Long Answer: 3 possible reasons why: 1. I don’t own that tank. 2. I don’t like that tank. 3. See above gif.

Question: When is [#remodel] you’ve shown screenshots of coming?

Answer: Busy right now
Long Answer: Screenshots I share are most of the time not as close to release as you’d assume. There’s lots of minor texture or mesh editing going on even in the later stages. I’m trying to share a quality mod and not some shoddy recoloured tank with a MG and and some random bits and pieces added to it.

Question: Can you add [#specificitem], [#specificitem2] and maybe [#specificitem3] to your [#remodel]? Or better replace [#part1] with [#part2] but either way is fine.

Answer: What do you want?
Long Answer: If you ask for something be specific and don’t generalize. I don’t know what’s going on in your mind so try to give a detailed explanation.

Question: I don’t like [#randomitemontank]. Please remove it.

Answer: Thanks
Long Answer: There is none.

Question: Can you teach me how to do everything you do from start to end?

Answer: Nope
Long Answer: If you’ve got some experience in 3D modeling and have modded other games I’m willing to help you out the best I can but if you’re a total beginner and have 0 idea how to use a 3D computer graphics program like 3ds Max or Blender please don’t ask. Go watch some YouTube videos on the basics of 3D modeling first.

Question: Are these mods allowed with the new Fair Play policy?

Answer: smh tbh fam
Long Answer: Most definitely… This will get you permabanned and the reason it’s on the official forums is because it’s a very well hidden supercheat.

Question: Does this work for [#currentpatch]?

Answer: Read the release notes on Github.

Question: [#something] is broken!

Answer: Mods always encounter problems. Send in a screenshot of said problem along a description of what’s wrong and how you installed it.

Question: Can I use your remodels in my modpack?

Answer: If you ask me on the official WoT forum (EU or NA) first you may use them in your modpack. No need to wait for a response. If you don’t ask, the answer is no. I reserve the right to ask anyone to remove them from the modpack, but don’t expect to have to do so.