Update 9.21

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Most of you probably have seen Wargaming’s new customization mechanics where you can assign different colors and camouflages to parts of the tank including separate barrel and mantlet options. With this update any old remodel that doesn’t include the new additions to the vehicle models won’t be able to support that mechanic. So, going forward I’ll be updating each remodel to take use of the customization options as you can see on the Begleitpanzer 57 on the title image.


Also coming patch 9.21 I’ll be including both UML profiles and the usual XML scripts with downloads in case you really really can’t get UML working for whatever reason.


Goofy ass looking T-34-3 because why not…

11 thoughts on “Update 9.21

  1. I despise this new mechanics…if only it was the beginning and we could get more “object” customization, as in WT. Putting some barrels, guns, logs and what not…

    1. Wargaming did say that it’s just the beginning. Paints are version 1.0 and in 2.0 they are going to add objects like in Warthunder from what I’ve heard.

    1. To be fair there is no pure black paint you can apply to tanks. The only one that barely come close it black is the german winter color Dunkelgrau Nr.46.

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