Upcoming remodel

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Just the engine deck has been redone as of now. Anyone who knows what tank this is going to be should know there’s still a lot more to be done.


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  1. Hey, Milky. I was looking for the HD remodel of the VK 45.02 but I can’t find it anymore. All the versions I could find don’t work with the update 9.20. Could you help me? Would be awesome. Thank you for your great work!

    1. Patch 9.20.1 is going live on EU tomorrow and I’ll be putting up an update post. So if you could wait a day that’d be great 😀

        1. “Forbidden – You don’t have permission to access /archives/sdm_downloads/vk-45-02-aufs-b/ on this server.”

          Diese Meldung wird übrigens immer angezeigt. lg

  2. can’t wait for another remodel milky! I recently picked up the 215B and it’s definitely been more fun to play with your remodel. one question, will these play nicely with the new HD render? I don’t think the tank models themselves changed but supposedly they will be “dynamic” (getting wet, dirty etc)

    1. Generally they will but WG changed some aspects of the model which might lead to emblems not being able to be displayed on some parts of the model. Nothing too major though.

      1. ah cool, great to hear that! I do hope they release the HD maps soon. played on sandbox and it was great. doesn’t fix the game’s core issues but hopefully it will distract me away from them for a bit.

  3. I uh was wondering do you have a method of repairing a remodel because a while back I got a term Frankenstein however I think it was supposed to over rule your camos but still allow u to select one and when adding a camo the flag bugs out and with no camo the main turret is an obvious eye sore

    1. I’ve got 0 interest in “repairing” someone else’s badly done remodel. Whoever did it should have done it right in the first place.

      1. Eh fair enough I guess. I guess when I figure out this modeling thing I will fix it myself but thx for replying at least

      1. I think for an April fool’s joke there should be a tank comprised of nothing but machine guns. Granite fps would completely tank even low graphics can’t save you

  4. I am biased when it comes to centurion series, but this might be for the remodeled new caernarvon. HOPEFULLY its for the Cent.I. That thing badly needs a rear cage in turret, like the Cent.7/1.

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