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Alright, I’ve been getting comments of the T-34-3 and Lanchester not working and I need to clear some things up it seems.

The way Universal Model Loader and those two remodels work is that it only replaces your own tank in the game. Enemies won’t display the remodel and you also won’t see it if you preview it in your garage but here’s where UML’s customizability comes to play. You can extract the profile file and change the config so it also applies the remodel to enemy tanks or you can even change which tank(s) the remodel gets applied to if I haven’t included optional profiles.


How to make the remodel show up for all tanks:

1) Open the wotmod file with 7zip or Winrar
2) Go to ‘.wotmod\res\scripts\client\mods\UMLprofiles\’
3) Copy/extract the XML file to ‘World_of_Tanks\res_mods\\scripts\client\mods\UMLprofiles’
4) Open the XML profile with any text editor (Notepad++ is prefered)
5) Set swapNPC from false to true
6) Done, enjoy the game


How to change which tanks the remodel gets applied to:

1) Open the wotmod file with 7zip or Winrar
2) Go to ‘.wotmod\res\scripts\client\mods\UMLprofiles\’
3) Copy/extract the XML file to ‘World_of_Tanks\res_mods\\scripts\client\mods\UMLprofiles’
4) Open the XML profile with any text editor (Notepad++ is prefered)
5) Replace or add tank name (eg. ch14_t34_3) in the whitelist
6) Done, enjoy the game


This image might help you further:


This won’t be necessary intended usage. Only if you need to change something

24 thoughts on “Universal Model Loader for beginners

  1. Just a a quick question do you know how we can do to extract just the gun sound ..for example on obj 140 i love the gun sound but i like to keep WG model of the tank. Any chance to get the gun sound you have on the obj 140 remodel ??

  2. Hello! Unfortunately at the moment I could not get the T-34-3 and Kugelblitz and the like to work. They do not change the look in my hangar. T-64A varies but the animation functions do not work by pressing the keys. I did everything as shown here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cg10B5DK1Cw I did not change any files. Help is needed 🙁

    1. It seems I understood what the problem is. UML conflicts with the “mod old_style_loader.wotmod”, which is installed from one of the most popular modpacks from Jove. If you remove it, UML loads the models normally. But for my assembly this is not an option, because modpaks are used by a lot of people. Any ideas?

      1. If I may say, you are making a wrong decision with this UML stuff, again, just like with the BitCoins mining without user’s permissions …

        1. I don’t think so. If people don’t like it or can’t get it to work then it’s not my problem. There are other remodels out there.

          1. “… I’ll be including both UML profiles and the usual XML scripts with downloads in case you really really can’t get UML working for whatever reason.”
            Thank you 🙂

          2. Gotta add that if I run the T-34-3 without UML installed on 9.21 CT the tank still works just fine. So this might be something to look forward to.

  3. Hi, milky, I did everything as shown on the picture, following every single step, still I did manage to screw up somewhere. I know, ain’t telling much, but, game CTD when I select my T54lwt using the T-34-3 remodel. Is there a reason you think of (aside me being dumb and screwing on some intermediate step XD) as why is it crashing?

    1. On a side note, when can we expect to get some updated UML remodels? Just asking, seriously, no pressure. 🙂

      As always, AMAZING job and I really hope you are getting some back as money for you time spent doing this AWESOME pieces of art. 🙂

      Great times to come for you, Milky.


    2. Check the python.log file in your game’s main directory for errors at the bottom. You’ve to the 34-3 wotmod file installed in your mods\ right?

  4. does anyone have a profile that make models visible only in my own client and NOT team mates and enemy? I’m not confident of messing around with the UML profiles

    1. Each remodel does require its own profile. I’ll be updating remodels with profiles over the next some weeks so once they’re out all you have to do is install the updated wotmod files

    1. Not really. For the end user it’s just an additional mod they need to install. Everything ready to go once UML and remodel are installed. You don’t need to touch configs whatsoever.

      There is also the upside to animate turret cupolas, miniturrets like on the O-Ho and add secondary muzzle flash effects to my long outdated Kugelblitz remodel.

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