To switch to .wotmod or not to switch, that’s the question.

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Hello everyone!

You know how messy sometimes installing those remodels can get. Folders on top of folders everywhere and if you try to uninstall a mod/remodel you have to navigate through dozens of folders just to remove that one single file somewhere deep in your res_mods folder.

There is an alternative to installing mods and they are files called .wotmod. Basically you get the entire mod in one single file which is copied to your “World_of_Tanks\mods\” folder. This makes managing different mods so much easier for the players.

Now my question is should I start distributing my remodels and skins as .wotmod files?

The upsides are easier management and installation for you guys but since everything is bundled in one file this would also mean that quick hotfixes require the mod to be re-uploaded completely. I’ve reduced file sizes already by not using lod1-4 models anymore and bundling only HD textures so the downside wouldn’t be much of an issue anyways.

I’ll let you decide.

Should I switch to using .wotmod files?

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22 thoughts on “To switch to .wotmod or not to switch, that’s the question.

  1. Hi! ANyone knows if Milky is ok? He seems to have been afk quite a bit. I guess he is occupied ATM, but I am also worried he might disappear as Goodman12 did.

    1. “I’m currently not releasing anything to bleed out a certain specific remodel thief.”

      Taken from Milky’s forum thread, 20/3/17

      1. Thx both. I was hoping he hasnt gave up on this, his hobby. Nice to hear he is doing some kind of cold war toward Mikelendy guy.

        1. good to know, Milky if you’re reading this I think it wouldn’t hurt to reach out to the community contributors like Jingles, QB etc as they usually have no problems name and shaming scum like mikelend. maybe even WG itself though I am less convinced they will do anything about it.

  2. Milky. Trying to find an email but I suppose this will have to suffice. Just to say that I have used pretty much all of your remodels and I feel like I owe you something. How do we go about making donations bud?


  3. I prefer to tweak skins and models a little. Your work is impeccable, but I like to mix and match. If there’s a way to unpack this format, I’d be ok with it.

    I’ve got some work I’ve done myself that looks neat. I haven’t made any effort to distribute it, but if you’d like to do a guest artist feature or something like that, I’d be ok with sharing. Get in touch with me if you’re interested.

    Here are some samples of one of them. You can be the shiniest target on the battlefield. 😉

  4. personally I prefer more control even if it is a bit more inconvenient to install. for example for your T49 remodel I installed only the turret and not the hull. also I preferred the old style “tiki lamp” muzzle break on the Skorp so I installed everything but the barrel, it looked kinda weird having that desert camo gun on an all black tank but the contrast kinda looked cool. also I typically install the reskins after a modpack like Solos so I voted No just because it seems like it would be less “fixable”.

  5. I voted yes, but as some mates are commenting here, I don’t want to be it more work for you. So do it the easier way for you. 🙂

    Also, I’ve read multiple times the FAQ and saw no response when this kind of questions are done, but I have to and I will understand you won’t answer:

    Are you planning anyhting on the AMX CDC? Remodel like wise, I mean. Adding some camo nets on its turret as Thefalkonet has on the Centurion 7/1 and some backs of equipement or sand. Because the tank is so flat…kind of feels like it needs a MilkyM4n’s remodel. 😀

    Keep doing this hobby and enjoying it long time! 😉

    1. I haven’t really touched the CDC since goodman12 was teasing us with a remodel he’s working on. Usually we don’t work on the same tanks if there’s not a huge demand for it. The only thing I’ve done to it is swap the roadwheels with the ones found on the BC 25t AP.

      Maybe one time I’ll do something with it but right now there are half a dozen other projects that need finishing first.

  6. From my understanding, this is a packaged file that to the common user, couldn’t be easily opened and viewed. As of now, I love to see the work that goes into there remodels, as well as using certain parts to play around with on my own. After a basic understanding of installation files, your current setup is not bad whatsoever. Really, I don’t have a say in this though, so whatever is better for you and what the community wants. (Of course if the .wotmod folder could be easily opened, my answer would wholeheartedly be yes.)

    1. Quick question as well, is the reason tier 10 LT models / skins won’t work on the current tier 8’s because of the “proxy” file? Ran into the same issues on the 252U, where this same texture is present.

      1. Good thing is that the files inside can still be extraced for skin creators and people like you who play around with models. Another thing I see is that i might reduce load times although that can be neglected with the amount of files a remodel has. Still a thing though and less things to load is always nice.

        About the T10 lights it really depends on what you’re doing. Let’s say if you’re trying to get the XM551 working on the T49 it most probably will crash due to chassis discrepancies in the vehicle XML file (World_of_Tanks\res\packages\scripts.pkg\scripts\item_defs\vehicles\usa\A100_T49.xml) Main culprit usually are , or. Copying over those elements from the XM551 XML into your T49 XML fixes the problems.

        1. Thanks for the quick reply concerning the lights, as the community currently is looking forward to the .wotmod file, I hope it makes your work a bit easier organizing the final copy. Looking forward to your next project.

  7. So heres my question in this. Does this solve the problems of conflicts between mods? (For instance remodels using scripts often conflict with sound mods.) If it does solve that problem, it may be worth it, even if its slightly more work.

    1. If there’s a load order which can be edited like with Skyrim mods that could theoretically solve those problems but realistically it wouldn’t since you’d need a XML that includes the edits of both soundmod and remodel. An easy alternative I see (if load order is a thing) would be to write compatibility patches.

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