6 thoughts on “T95E2

  1. So glad you’ve reworked this one, now it will be funniest to play with… and get some interest at last 😉
    Thanks a lot

    Isn’t the wheels at the back of the turret a bit too much ? maybe 1 spare wheel instead of 2 would have been better (just a thought) it is looking so great anyway 😉

  2. I was really hoping WG would remember to update the T95e2 and 59-patton, at least model wise if not armor and tumor wise, to the new m48 turret. but that would require them to actually remember what tanks are in their own game. good thing we have Milkyman to do the work they should have done! any chance of a 59-patton update?

      1. yes but the m60 has an actual different turret design entirely, so it’s not shared with the M48. although technically the 59-patton is fake but still, for consistency. I agree and hope the tumor removal trend continues though. most tanks don’t need it anymore, especially ones where you can just easily pen the turret anyways.

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