15 thoughts on “T26E4 Super Pershing WT Import

  1. Hey Milkym4n, sorry if I ask an annoying question, but is there any way to get/import the decals from Warthunder? Some of them would look really nice on some skins (I just want to give them to another modder, FastestClassic, so he can improve his Hungarian skins)

    1. This remodel does not work with the T26E4 Freedom skin. Please don’t install both at the same time.

      I don’t know what .wotmod is. Is it for creating modpacks?

  2. Zdravím Milky! Nevím jestli rozumíte, ale plánujete aktualizovat pro patch modely pro ostatní tanky které se dříve dali stáhnout? ( T110E5, T62-A, E 10…..)

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