T-64A (Universal Model Loader version)

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  • This remodel requires atacms’ Universal Model Loader to work
  • Hotkey actuated track guard plates and independently rotating cupola
  • WT import
  • Working camo, emblems, inscriptions and marks of excellence
  • Available for the Obj. 140, Obj. 430 and T-62A
  • Replaced original band type tracks with custom segmented tracks
  • Properly animated light and coaxial MG
  • Chassis model with camouflage






 How to install

15 thoughts on “T-64A (Universal Model Loader version)

  1. need to DL separately? if yes, where to place UML loader file? ..does it go to res_mods? how to set hotkey? not really clear on install and activation process. but model looks great, At the moment the flaps are in the open position(default)
    Once I figure this out for certain, I’d like to make a video of it. Really nice model


    1. It’s a separate remodel and the files are copied into the same folder as the non-UML version. Just make sure you delete the old T-64A wotmod files that don’t use UML first.


        1. That’s the file you need indeed. Standard hotkeys are Insert and Delete but you can change them in the ownModel.xml config file


  2. Hey milky, really enjoyed rolling around wot with this skin on, thank you so much for all the work put into these. BTW, what ever happened to the Kugelblitz remodel? Not pushing or anything but it was just kinda lost somewhere with no explanation or warning. A simple reason would be nice, thanks.


    1. Glad you enjoy them.

      The Kugelblitz model is shelved as of now. With changes to the tank some patches ago the 5cm gun became viable and I need to find an alternative turret or gun for it, the 3cm flak autocannon just doesn’t work well with that.


    1. Just some that take advantage of the miniturret and actuator feature. I’m not going to create configs for UML itself, that’s something everyone by himself needs to do.


    1. Those panels travel folded back and are rotated out when enemy contact is expected. They are an early form of spaced armor designed to detonate HEAT warheads before they reach the hull.


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