10 thoughts on “T-34-3 Soon™

  1. Maybe you will never see my comment but… Is there any chance you will do a Charioteer(tier 8 british TD) remodel? I’m a big fan of yours and the tank I’m requesting was my first 3 marked so it has a special place in my hearth. I never found any scripts and remodels and I would really like to see one.


    1. Check out Avalons Workshop, it’s listed on the right of Milky’s homepage. Look in [More > Remodels > British > Charioteer]
      I tried to just link the page but that comment was rejected or something :L


  2. can you do a script for 13 75 on your 13 90 remodel? it looks so awesome , it would be way more awesome if it could be used on 13 75


  3. Good day. Thank you Milkym4n. And, may this HD model also apply for T-54 & WZ-120?

    Moreover, just one request. for the T-90A WT Import, could you provide a script for the 113 tank?
    Becoz of according the size, weight, gun caliber & engine power… etc
    The 113 is even closer to the T-72 / T-90 series MBT. Much appreciate if you can do that.
    (Excuse me for my poor English.)


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