23 thoughts on “Strv S1 Remodel

  1. I’ve only just discovered your art work, I have to thank you for these wonderful free skins. I’ve downloaded several and they never disappoint. Thank you again. You’re a talented artist.

  2. milky can you teach me how to create custom camouflage pattern for nations ? i am kinda new in modding i can do decals and inscriptions of each and every nation but i don’t know how to alter or change the current camouflage patterns

      1. Could you make that public? I am pretty certain that there are many people who’d be interested in making their own camo. 🙂

  3. Kawaiiiiii!!! Mate, your remodels make me want to strike high and above!! Freaking awesome!! Even if I dont own one, I am going to download and install it! Fantastic!

    1. Also, thx for the detail of ALWAYS putting the link to “How to install”. Really nice touch! I freaking love your remodels dude!

  4. I’d cry happily if there’s script of this skin for UDES. Since i spent enough money for WG. But nicely gorgeous skin as always.

    1. I can adapt this to the tier 9 and 10 but due to the UDES’ elevating gun it’s not really possible. Sorry.

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