Shortlinks replaced by Bitcoin donations. I’m sorry.

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First off I want to apologize to anyone feeling that adding in those Coinhive shortlinks was a bad idea. You were right and I regret doing it. It’s a rather bad decsion that was made by me and I see now what kind of potential it has to ruin everything I’ve created over the last some years.

Instead I’ve removed the shortlinks and added a QR code and Wallet-ID for you, my fans and supporters, to donate Bitcoins if you feel like giving back in some way. I appreciate any donation you guys make as it helps out keeping this passionate hobby of mine running.

My sincere apologies
~ Milky

21 thoughts on “Shortlinks replaced by Bitcoin donations. I’m sorry.

  1. Donation done, my BTC address is “3GdHPoS…….”, thank you for ur great work over the years. Cheers. –Armata_MBT @ NA server.


  2. What about providing an alternative shortlink for those who want to help you? Removing the entire thing seems bad to me. Maybe there is someone who cannot donate but rather want to help you earning some extra money to cover the costs.


    1. Actually having the thing was a bad thing. People complained about their anti-viruses going off and that definitely doesn’t look good on my end. I’d rather not have them there than deal with people getting constant alerts and stop using my mods.


  3. adding my vote to the paypal suggestion, Milky. I didn’t really like how long the coinhive links took, thought i’d give it a chance before complaining but if i was DLing all the remodels it would take ages. i don’t really use bitcoin for anything but wouldn’t mind sending you a few bucks via paypal.


    1. I’ve had some issues with PayPal and money not going through in the past but I’ve added a donation button to the sidebar. Really hope it works this time. Thank you


      1. I tried to send a donation but it said “Last action could not be completed” and told me to try again in 30 minutes or so if I don’t get a confirmation email by then. I’ll let you know how it goes.


  4. First thing I did when I heard about coinhive hijacking my CPU (not here) was to search for a filter for uBlock Origin. No way I’m even letting anything past it. If site functionality goes away (it happens) then I go away.

    Funniest thing is QB asking for people to watch his ads while himself has uBlock Origin activated. Yeah, I saw it on his twitch channel.

    Keep your grubby hands away from my stuff. Thieves used to have their hands broken. My CPU cycles are my property. You want them, you pay for it.

    I know it’s all pixels these days but I can’t conceive how anyone well meaning would think this’d be a good idea. Imagine I’d refered someone to this site only to have his CPU hijacked… Yeah, not your best moment.

    Apologies accepted. Keep up the good work.


    1. he did say you can download the remodels from other sources, as well as warn you in advance that he was activating the links. he isn’t stealing anything when you willingly clicked the link


  5. Well, I though it was a good idea to have the short links, as I CAN’T donate anything, I CAN donate a few processes of my PC. Hopefully there is a way for everyone, so we can all give back some, even though it’s small amount of “money” (shortlinks). Or bitcoins for the ones who can afford it.


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