Modding World of Warplanes 3D models? Not the first to do but one of the first few.

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You probably heard of the World of Warplanes reboot called 2.0. As someone who enjoys air battles in Warthunder I went ahead and downloaded the game to see if it was any good. Turns out it’s a fun arcade game and sure as hell better than what was the game before patch 2.0 but one thing that got my attention were the “not so good” plane models. Of course as someone who mods tanks in World of Tanks I checked if both games use the same file types and whatnot and they do luckily. So as a simple proof of concept I’ve imported Warthunder’s Bf 109 B-1 into World of Warplanes.

The skin you see on the plane isn’t the vanilla but a community made one.




Now if you’re asking will I do WoWp stuff then the answer to that question is more than likely a no. At least not unless the game gains in popularity. There’s also not much to do, you can’t just slap ERA and sideskirts onto a plane and call it a day like you can do in WoT.

Only time will tell.

6 thoughts on “Modding World of Warplanes 3D models? Not the first to do but one of the first few.

  1. What a good idea !!!!! hope to see more of your work on both games , 2.0 is way better so far and there’s still more to come, so good news πŸ™‚


  2. Anyway, happy to see you are still active and enjoying (i’m not sure to use this word, but as you keep making more remodels I guess it’s yes) the remodelling process. Hopefully, the WOWp 2.0 will do better than the previous versions wich SUCK. I might even try it on my old account. πŸ™‚


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