15 thoughts on “M48A5

  1. hello milky, i love ur works on the tracks
    can i use the track for T26E5, do i need to change the script? (to be honest, im still confuse messing up with script)
    im sorry i cant ask on the forums, im playing from sea server.

    1. – Added gun mantlet cover
      – Added cable for the IR light
      – Removed small tension wheel between sprocket and last roadwheel
      – Completely new track segment model
      – Small hull rework to accommodate the different chassis/suspension model

  2. really freakin amazing, that turret historically belonged on the A5 hull correct? really don’t know why WG didn’t do this in the first place. sexy tank!

    1. My guess is that WG initially put the M48A1 turret in with the big commander’s hatch so that if they needed to buff it in the future with a stronger turret, they could with this easy solution (smaller hatch, different model as an excuse to improve the overall armour).


    I thought you were only going to drop this when 9.20 came out but nooo, you had to deliver 😉

    Fantastic work, YET again Milky 🙂

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