17 thoughts on “Jagdpanzer E 50 (Jagdpanther II replacement)

  1. Man! Your works always rule (Hot and Top) and probably better than WG one. Shout out from SEA server, the realm of farming and camping.

    P.s. Does it possible to put it instead/add an official Jgadpz E50 into tier 9 ? It looks lit btw.

  2. Hello, MillkyM4n! I’m one of your big fan playing in SEA server(Former KR server)

    Thanks for making this cool Remodeling

    But i found some glitch? bug? anyway…….

    I’ve applied this model, and i made platoon with my brother, riding JgdPz E50(JgdPanther II)

    His vehicle equipped 105/52.

    And I enjoyed looking that, but something went wrong.

    When looking that vehicle far from such distance, main gun is invisible….

    So i tested with my fully-upgraded vehicle.

    No glitch, main gun always visible at any distance

    Next, equipped with 105/52, I only can see my gun at close range…

    Please check this glitch and Fix it ASAP!!!!!

    1. Seems like I forgot to remove the LOD model references. It should be fixed now, just download it using the same link again.

  3. Just came from the E50 remodel, can’t have enough of your remodels!! WAO! Really, Impressive stuff! Glad I know your website. Whenever I can, I recomend your remodel website to my clan and friendmates. Awesome stuff!

    HQ remodels, as usual! But not usual remodels (wg quality), 3 or 4 times better.

    I cant wait to get a Battle Hardened E50M version, or similar, as I am about to reach my first tier 10 (E50M) and probably my last.

    Won’t do any more tier 10, only up to tier 9.

      1. Too much time investment to grind up the lines, and the tier 9s are not bad either.

        E75, got it. IDK if I should go for the E100.
        E50, got it, gonna go for the E50M.

        T32, got it, gonna go for the M103.
        JgPantherII, got it, not gonna go for the Jgtiger. Meh tank, IMO.
        T20, go it, gonna stop at the Pershing.

        IS3, got it, IDK if Im going to get the T10.
        T54lwt, got it, I am going for that T54 MT (although I know you need to do it from the LTTB now. But I LOVE my LTTB).
        ISU-152, loved the SU152, not so sure about this one, NOT going for the tier 9.
        SU-101, got it, gonna stop at SU122-54.

        Chi-Ri, got it, gonna go for the Type61, long suffering grind.

        Skoda T-24, got it, gonna go for the Skoda T50.

        Strv74, got it, gonna go for the Emil I. Although, IDK if I am going to stop there, have been said EMIL II is awesome.

        Lot to grind, not enough time, MilkyM4n. Already enjoying my other tanks, so no rushing the grind. 🙂

        Hopefully I didnt bothered you with so much non-sense blabla. 😉

        As if you were not aware, just saying these names as if they would ring any bells…
        Joking! Keep doing your awesome work! HQ👌

        1. Let’s see:

          E 100 not really worth it.
          E 50 M also no since you can just load APCR in the tier 9
          M103 leads to the T110E5 which is quite nice
          Jagdtiger is crap
          Pershing might be good but the Pattons are amazing tanks, both T9 and T10
          T-10 is probably the best T9 heavy.
          Don’t even bother with T9 lights except the T49
          Obj 704 is pretty much the pinnacle of the line.
          SU-122-54 I wouldn’t even bother
          Type 61 is alright but the STB-1 is where it’s at
          No need to get the T10 Skoda TVP
          Emil I is meh, definitely want the T9 at least.

          Well at least you have things to grind in this game.

          Thanks btw. Not bothering whatsoever.

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