8 thoughts on “FV4202 (P) Update

  1. you removed shiny things from the model? why? 🙁

    BTW reader if you’re wondering, I think it’s the red glow from the tiny backlights in the garage. I don’t remember seeing them glowing in battle.

    Now i’m torn between the two versions… Is there any technical advantage/optimization on this new model?


    1. The only things removed were those red and white glowing lights which don’t even work on most maps anyways. It was using an outdated shader anyways to display that glow, something I don’t feel too comfortable having in there. Other remodels with them will eventually get the same treatment.

      Improvements are up there on the list but I’ll explain it a bit more.

      Some places on the turret and hull models had hard edges which were a result of split vertices, those got fixed. If you’ve got the old model to compare check the inner part of the light and you’ll see.

      Rebaked the ambient occlusion map as the old one was displaying black lines on some edges of the model when in shadow, this was a result of not enough padding while baking the textures.

      Last one is just giving everything the same scale for displaying camouflage, I think the roadwheels had a smaller tiling than the hull for example but now everything is the same size.


  2. I dont know why but when this manual installation to auto installation this mod or all this mod in this web cant work on my game. Even I have installed it correctly but still cant work on my game? 🙁 I like the old installation. :’v


    1. It’s as simple as copying the 2 files into “World_of_Tanks\mods\”. Do not copy them to the res_mods folder, that won’t work.


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