16 thoughts on “FV215b 120

  1. Yo Milky, great job on those remodels, I wanted to ask if you could do a remodel on teh Pudel/Bat Chat 12t/Lorr. 40t?

  2. Hey milky,love your work,just wondering if there is any chance of a Chieftain mk 6 model in the works for the super conquer,really annoyed that after all the waiting and hype were not getting it, please keep up the amazing work it gives my wot game play more enjoyable

    1. Thanks. I could simply swap the models of the S-Conq with the Chieftain’s. Actually modifying the Chieftain’s model would be a waste of time imho.

  3. would it be possible to adjust the smoke launchers on the burster plate turret as of now if the launched it would hit the armor ik really small just bugs me.

    1. Oh jeez now that you mention it. Funny thing is that it’s a vanilla WG model so it’s also on the new Conqueror lol. I’ll come up with a fix sometimes this week.

  4. I didn’t see another option to contact you otherwise than here in the comments.
    You could at least tell the people who visit your page that you let them mine monero for you…
    That’s a no go for me.

    1. I saw there was a WP plugin for that so I installed it to test it out and then forgot about it. Going to throttle it down to 5-10%, replace download links with coinhive shortlinks and make an announcement along with a new remodel once it’s all done.

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