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End of February I posted a poll with the question if I should switch to using .wotmod files. You guys voted and we have a clear message here 🙂

Once 0.9.18 is released I will be converting all current mods to .wotmod files. The idea of just simply to drag&drop one single file instead of dozens of folders and files is pretty neat.

With 0.9.18 my Sheridan remodel for the T49 will be converted for use on the XM551 Sheridan and it will also receive a new 105mm gun model just like in the photo below

While the real life experimental tanks had issues with recoil while mounting the 105mm L7 on the Sheridan we will overlook this for the sake of making the tank look badass.

Just recently I posted a teaser of a T-90A. This is one of the War Thunder April Fool’s tanks which I am importing into World of Tanks. Some of you guessed on which tank it will be available. The remodel will be released for 3 tanks: T-62A, Objekt 140 and Objekt 430.

Also a little progress update. The remodel lost its banded tracks which have been replaced by actual track segments like you see on HD World of Tanks models. Here’s a preview:

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  1. guys please work on the is 3 remodels and some popular tanks like BC 25 t etc . soo we can enjoy the game more … thanks. A huge fan of ur work ..

  2. Milky, I would love to see a model of the T55a with the classic Auxiliary tanks hanging off the back as well as a machine gun on the turret roof. Do you think you could make this happen? I worked so hard for that tank and I love it, just wish it had those features.

  3. Anybody know of a Centurion AX skin/remodel or what ever you call it but do you know of on that makes the Cent AX look like the Cheiftian Mk6

  4. Do some tests first, this mods folder system is good and bad at the same time. The problem starts when you’re using same files in different .wotmod packages. It will show up a nasty popup and disable one package from loading. Also I can already see problems with combination with the other mods like Zorgane gun sounds that are using some xml’s like yourself, when you both move to .wotmods there will be similar problem. On the other hang moving to .wotmods is inevitable, the res_mods folder will be disabled/removed at some point, and it’s promised already by WG.

    1. I’ve also encountered the popup message when using wotmod with my War Thunder imports where a shared resource folder for some textures is used. Already working on a solution for that. Simplest one would be not to include the vehicle XML in the wotmod file but instead still have in res_mods as it has always been and later on when res_mods support is removed have the XML in a separate wotmod file. This was compatibility patches should be fairly easy to create for soundmods and whatnot.

      Also remodel files also won’t be stored in the ususal “vehicles/nation/tank_name” folder but somewhere else so if someone forgets to install the XML the game simply won’t load the models instead of CTD due to missing parameters in the XML.

  5. Milkym4n, i had a question, if i want to only use this remodel in only 1 tank, i could? or i need use in every single russian tier 10 medium tanks?

    1. You can use it on the tank of your choice. I just give people the option to pick whichever of the RU mediums.

  6. Milky, you said that the Leopard A1A1 remodel is down because of performance issues. Is there any chance that it will be fixed by the release of 9.18? I really love that remodel as it’s the reason I came back to my Leo 1.

    1. It won’t be available directly on patchday or a day after. Expect something like 2 weeks after 9.18 goes live.

  7. Great work as always! Thank you for your effort.
    I wish that T-90A can replace Objekt 907 as well. Any consideration?

    1. I know it’s a bit off-topic, but where does that pciture on your profile cames from? What anime?

      (SORRY for off-topic)

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