26 thoughts on “E 50

  1. OMG!!! So f neat!!! OMFG!!! I just gonna play so hard on my E50!! This looks so f ridiculous OP remodel! OP remodel, I’m telling you!! WG, nerf this remodel, pls!! 😛 XDDDD

    Dude, AWESOME job with this remodel!
    Can’t wait to get home and install it!

  2. Aww hell Milky, you made a fantasy come true (now if only I owned the E50) I dream of the day you do this to the E75

      1. maybe you made the remodell for an older version of wot? just intressed because it’s my favourite tank in the game :D!

          1. My E50M is crying in jealousy right now cause it’s little brother looks so snazzy

      2. omfg i cant wait for that E50m remodel omg omg!!!! make me a beta tester of that remodel omfg!!! it look so nice!!!! i think i just got a boner right now!!! xd

    1. Open up the 2 wotmod files with 7zip or another Zip program and copy what is inside the res folder (vehicles and scripts folder) into your “\res_mods\” or whatever the current version for the Chinese client is.

      1. im still using that remodel since patch 9.16 and it works nice.. didnt find any bug at all or drop in FPS while i play it so..

  3. Amazing! 😀

    Milky Please if possible 113 and e50m your versions. It always looks fantastic, and better compared to Wargaming.

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