18 thoughts on “E 50 Ausf. M

  1. totally love this tank especially the exhaust tips!! It looks like a a Hot Wheels race car imo xD btw i saw you stated earlier that 110 remodel is being postponed for an update, i hope it’s gonna come back soon i really love the Chinese HT tree

  2. Thank you & welcome back Milkym4n.

    E-50M feels like a early prototype of Leopard 2 mounted w/ British L7 105mm. Really decent.

  3. I don’t understand why WG doesn’t partner with guys like you to create premium content- their models almost always look half finished. It’s nice they feature you on their portal but it seems like they could do more and it would be win-win-win.

    1. It’s not a Wargaming decision my mods are on the portal, it’s me uploading them there.

      We’ve seen what partnering with modders can lead to in TF2 and Overwatch. A new point of interest for me could be the Fallout 4 or SkyrimSE if this gets boring.

      1. FO4 is awesome! I’m semi taking a break from WOT right now, game’s just not in a state I can enjoy on a regular basis anymore. the Nexus modding community is great and FO4 modding is truly still very alive.

  4. Great work as usual!

    Btw, I remember you had a Mutz remodel, are you planning to bring it back or is it a dead (or very distant future) concept?

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