15 thoughts on “Contour Icons Update

  1. I have no idea how Milky, but when i edit that single icon file, it changes my carousel… shows DPG suddenly, my xvm colours are all messed up… im not sure how but i had to disable it 🙁

          1. Oh i see thank you very much, u might wanna change ur tutorial then as i copied it from there

  2. Hi Milky,im looking you take download a T-90 im finging its a next april joke ,and this is not a joke its working ,its you best unicum remodel ,biutiful details ,im creazy now ,its a new Level of Remodeling ….. >8Đ

      1. I have now =) thank you, it didnt exist when the comment was posted keep up the good work! and thx LeInfiniti

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