39 thoughts on “Chrysler P2W (This is more of a statement than a serious remodel)

  1. Something other than this drama,
    Milky have you ever owned charioteer? , i always notice this bug in charioteer tracks , they never touch the ground , 90% of the time tank is floating over the ground. Is there any value that can be changed in scripts file to fix it so tracks touch the ground ?
    If there isnt
    is there way to transfer cromwell tracks to charioteer since its same chassis

  2. Just read your addition on the main web milkym4n’s mod shop: 152mm He does wonders against the Chrysler Ks. Gonna have to get my SU152 out for a spin. So much looking forward to demolish his face.

        1. And I am loving the fact you are changing it every now and then! 🙂 This web and its remodels rocks ! 🙂

  3. Haha excellent addition to the game. It suits this tank so much better indeed.

    I was so excited when this tank came out. Looked very cool, jet black, and… The ‘Chrysler’ name is absolutely classy to me.
    I was about to buy it the first day, but i checked the forums and some videos first, just to see. And god what a mistake that would have been to buy it.
    I’m pretty glad i haven’t paid for this tank (or for any premium tank i own). To quote the great SirFoch : “Fack you WG”.

  4. Nice one Milky! I was kind of excited to buy this tank even though as Foch and Circon said it is blatantly designed to encourage both the driver and people against it to spam gold, but with the way they treated Foch and Circon, no thanks, wallet closed WG. I urged everyone else on the NA forum to do the same and they deleted my thread and gave me a forum strike. Methinks it’s time for another long break from any WG products until they issue a serious apology and remove the DMCA strikes. Shame too, game is fun (mostly) and I love playing with your remodels, but that kind of behavior is unacceptable. releasing blatantly p2w tanks is one thing, but using false DMCA strikes to censor people who call you out on it is some serious BS.

    1. A forums strike? Oh wow.

      I think this remodel pretty much sums up my opinion on the matter but yeah we gotta hit them where it hurts and that’s by not spending money on the game until WG corrects their wrongdoings. I’m not just talking about Foch either but the whole unbalanced premium tanks issue.

    2. I see you are really informed on the Foch situation. There were NO DMCA strikes issued on Foch’s channel and Foch was threatened because the way he made the video not because of criticising the tank or the company.

        1. Far from it. No DMCA strikes were issued on Foch’s channel. Yes, Ph3lan was threatening Foch with a strike but it didn’t happen since Foch removed the video.

          1. It doesn’t matter what would have happened. John Smithy said: “Methinks it’s time for another long break from any WG products until they issue a serious apology and REMOVE the DMCA strikes.”

            How could WG remove the DMCA strikes if they weren’t even issued?

          2. And to you Isnes that makes it perfectly alright? Do you not see how insane your logic is allowing them to get away with such Threats? Are you paid to defend them? No strikes happened yes, but the threat DID. So how can you Possibly defend them? It’s disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourself.

          3. Yes you are correct, I was slightly misinformed about 1 minor detail. Your logic is akin to saying that shooting a person is wrong but pointing a gun at them and threatening to shoot them unless they do what you tell them is ok…

  5. Can you make a golden version mod for this tank just like the Type 59 G ? i think it gonna fit the theme well :3

  6. Nice one, Milky. #FreeFoch indeed. I was actually looking forward to this tank for the pure strangeness of a rear-turreted American tank, but given the crapstorm and p2w elements…nope.

    1. I was looking forward to it aswell since it is mentioned in Hunnicutt’s Firepower but nah I’ll pass. I’ll just play my STA-2 and spam HEAT at those tanks.

  7. I’m wondering if you can remodel the Panther/M10. I want to see it with the muzzle brake as it had historically. I’m not holding you at gunpoint I swear.

  8. Will you be releasing a Chrysler GF skin removal (As normally you don’t) or is it up to us to find a copy of the old textures and model?

  9. Hey Milky, could you possibly make a variant of the t110e5 skin without the searchlight? or maybe move it somewhere on the side, too many times it lines with the cupola and it throws you off, also if you could revert the ass of the e5 or do something with the gun clipping through it, thanks in advance!

    1. Yeah the light definitely has to go. It was cool once but now it just looks bad imho. One option would be to have a similar style cradle like on the M60A2 Starship where a AN/VSS-1 is mounted off to the left side of the turret.

      Not sure what to do about the engine deck issue though, we’ll see.

      1. If you really want to keep it the way it is now, maybe lower it so it’s at the same height as the normal engine deck?

  10. I’ll be marking these Chryslers as a priority target whenever I see one on the red team, man and I thought I hated the defender most

  11. Defender was supposed to be P2W too but the reality is most sack of potatoes drive that while the real good players are busy playing tier 10.
    OTOH have you seen the unreal WR some players have on T2 Light and T127 and T67?

    Is T67 pay to win? No, it’s more like win for free (don’t mind if I do).

    1. Most recent premiums are tbh. This one is just special because it presented itself so well with the badge on the front. I’ve seen my fair share of low tier sealclubbers. Sometimes when I look at a player that has +5k games played in the T67 alone I cringe hard.

      It’s a free win tank a lot of times. Seriously needs a nerf.

    2. The difference is that the T67 is a t5 tank available for everyone without paying a cent.
      The recent premiums are above average in theirs strengths(Defender is WAY better than the IS-3 in brawls) and ONLY available with payment.

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