Begleitpanzer 57

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  • WT import
  • Working camo, emblems, inscriptions and marks of excellence
  • Available for the Rhm. Pzw., M 41 90 GF, VK 16.02 Leopard and Luchs
  • Replaced original UV transform tracks with custom segmented tracks
  • Chassis model with camouflage




 How to install

9 thoughts on “Begleitpanzer 57

  1. Nice work. HWK 12 might be a good fit for this tank. I will have to figure out how UML works so i can script it to replace said tank.


    1. I have an UML profile for it already made. Just need to upload it when back home. I’ll make sure to include optional profiles for german light tanks.


  2. damn dude!!! which of the tanks would you say it’s most compatible with, damage model wise? the waffle? cant wait to try it out.


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