Beauty shots of an upcoming release

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If you follow me on the EU forums you’ll probably have seen this remodel already. For those who don’t here ya go, T-54AM (tbh I don’t know if it would be called T-54M or T-54AM)


23 thoughts on “Beauty shots of an upcoming release

  1. А почему вы не сделали готовый R40_T-54,а просто сделали по отдельности файлы ,делаю все по инструкции ,а все равно не ставится вот эта модель ?!

    1. Why do you think developer speaks russian?

      Почему ты думаешь что разработчик говорит по русски?

    1. Currently not since I’m happy with how this turned out and I’m too lazy to go looking for reference images and stuff let alone texture the parts again in Substance Painter.

  2. Hey Milky how about your type 64 projeck? Its possible with the china star, i dont like the blue wihte emblem of taiwan.

      1. yes i know, but t64 is not taiwan tank, its hellcat for taiwan 🙂 its nice if you can make the china star in new remodell thanks you very much

        1. You mean the old one with the sideskirts that was a HD model replacement back when we didn’t have the official 113 HD model?

          1. Good lord, i have never seen/ known that one exists!

            My ideas was to suggest sideskirts, and here you say it already exists! 😀
            Milky, any way this can be updated by your for latest patch? Maybe something improved/added.

            Its an amazing tank, probably my fav heavy. Thank you so much. 🙂
            P.S. you REALLY should start a patreon.

  3. This is beautiful <3

    Milky, would it be possible to make as an option this version for Type-59?
    Or perhaps you have something in mind for good ol Type-59 🙂

    Thank you for your amazing work!

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