Bat.-Châtillon 25 t

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I know Wargaming just came out with their own HD version of the Bat.-Châtillon but we’ll get that one once 9.20 hits which is still months away most probably. Also they will remove the 105mm gun on it which is a shame.

So why not use this player made HD model of the Bat.-Châtillon and still be able to enjoy your 105mm boomstick? 😀

Many many thanks go to aakosh from the EU region for working on the base tank model and high poly mesh. Without his contribution this wouldn’t be possible to bring to you guys.

4K Screenshots



  • Being able to enjoy the unnerfed BC25t with a HD model
  • Entire tank model is custom
  • Working camo, emblems, inscriptions and marks of excellence
  • Chassis model with camouflage




 How to install

28 thoughts on “Bat.-Châtillon 25 t

  1. thank you very much. I’m WOTer from china, thank you very much again also thanks to your friend. BTW, how can I give you some money.,my English very pool ,I cant say in other words,forgive me straight forward.just wanna thank you in suitable wish.and 祝你身体健康,工作顺利(if you cant understand you can translateit) thank you again

  2. Just saw the new M48A5 render wargaming has proposed. The low profile hatch and searchlight are nice but they’ve got the engine deck all wrong. Most people won’t know the difference- lazy or sloppy. Maybe I’ll send in a ticket.

    1. Probably won’t do much since it’s only the A5 turret and not the entire tank. Once it’s out I will turn it into a real A5 version myself.

      1. That would be welcome! I just have to say I may be wrong because the rear image was at Daily Bounce and is not the proposed new one. Then again Minsk never got the A3 right either- so why start now? Of all the tanks to get wrong here’s an actual combat veteran tank that has had a series of weapon and engine upgrades and the models don’t reflect it.
        Sorry, like to rant.

  3. I’ll never make it to Batchat in time. Sad. Why do they nerf all the fun tanks? The lights are in a bad state, I grinded them out and they nutted them.
    Oh well glad you’re back up. Looking forward to your next release.

  4. welcome back Milky! glad to see you still at it. I doubt I will have a Bat anytime soon to use this awesome new model in time but after seeing STB-1s doing work in ranked i’m all the more excited to pick up that tank. type 61 looks fun too, as soon as ranked is over and I can afford to spend some creds i’ll be picking that one up.

  5. Great to see you and the site back … was a little scary there for awhile … hope everything is alright …

  6. Even though I hate it… I think it would have been HILARIOUS if you put the mace from the end of the Revalorise’s gun on the BatChat.

    Also, welcome back!

    1. Oh jeez, not that thing xD

      I’ve already made something goofy looking and posted it on the EU forums.

      Thank you very much!

      1. wat made u come back? lust of rng? the memes? the dynamic gameplay? , arty?

        *hopes that ur working on a is3,is7,,t26e5,defender,liberty,e25, or crom b remodel*
        say,wat u think bout the new and improved batshit 25t with 278 gold pen?

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