9.20.1 Updates

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Hey it’s patchday again, contact lists are broken on EU and here are some updates.


Tanks added to the list:

  • T-64A
  • T-64A (UML version)


Tanks that received updates are the following:

  • FV4202
  • M47 Patton
  • M48A5
  • M551 Sheridan
  • Type 74
  • Contour Icons

(If you have any of the tanks above you NEED to download the updated files)


Tanks that got removed due to WG’s official HD models being introduced.

  • FV215b
  • FV215b 120
  • T-34-3

Both FV215b and T-34-3 will get remodels based of the official WG HD models soon. I’m already working on them.


.wotmod Installation

Here is a graphical guide how to install the new mod format.

You can find 7zip


G13 (Hetzer replacement) ( : Front, Back)

United States of America

Chrysler K GF ( : Front)

M46 Tiger (M46 Patton KR replacement) (WT import) ( : Front)

M47 Patton (WT import) ( : Front, Back)

M551 Sheridan (XM551 replacement) (WT import) ( : Front, 105mm Gun)

M48A5 ( : Front, Back)

M60A1 (M60 replacement) (WT import) ( : Front)

T110E5 ( : Front)

T25/2 ( : Front, Back)

T25 AT ( : Front, Back)

T26E4(WT import) ( : Front, Back)

T34 Heavy ( : Front, Back)

T49 (WT import) ( : Front, Back)

T95E2 ( : Front, Back)


E 50 ( : Front, Back)

E 50 Ausf. M ( : Front, Back)

Jagdpanzer E 50 ( : Front, Back)

leKpz. M 41 90 mm ( Use only one of the script files, not both.) ( : Front)

Leopard 1A1A1 (WT import) ( : Front, Back)

Sd. Kfz. 140/1 (Pz. I C replacement) (WT import) ( : Front)

Skorpion G ( : Front)

VK 45.02 (P) Ausführung B ( : Front, Back)


AMX 13 57 GF (Black non-WGL Skin) ( : Front)

AMX 13 90 ( : Front, Back)

Bat.-Châtillon 25 t ( : Front, Back)

M4A1 Revalorisé ( : Front, Back)

United Kingdom

FV4202P ( : Front, Back)


ST-I ( : Front, Back)

T-54AM ( Available for T-54, T-54 Mod 1, T-54 ltwt, T-55A) ( : Front)

T-62A Battle-Hardened ( : Front, Back)

T-64A (WT import) ( includes 2 hull versions.) ( : Front, Back)

T-64A (UML version) (WT import) (  Requires atacms’ Universal Model Loader) ( : Front, Back)

T-90A (WT import) ( includes script file for all T10 RU mediums. Only install the ones you want the skin to work on) (: Front, Back)


110 ( : Front, Back)

121 ( : Front, Back)

T-54AM ( Available for Type 59 and T-34-2) ( : Front)

WZ-120 ( : Front, Back)


Type 61 (WT import) ( Use only one of the script files, not both.) ( : Front, Back)

Type 74 (STB-1 replacement) (WT import) ( : Front, Back)


Strv S1 ( : Front, Back)

Strv 81 Squad Fam ( : Front, Back) (Putting this one on the list since it was well received lol)


BT-42 ( : Front, Back)

Miscellaneous mods

Contour Icons ( : Preview)

Modpacks/Installers including my remodels

Aslain’s XVM Mod + ModPack Installer

Milky’s Mod Shop Installer by _StretCh

26 thoughts on “9.20.1 Updates

    1. You can’t apply camo on any of the GF tanks. The option is disabled through the server. The only thing you can do is edit the textures and put your own camo on the tank.

  1. Excuse me but whenever Im trying to download something it says I must stop AdBlock so I did and it still appers and I cant download, tried with Internet Explorer it says I must stop AdBlock again Idk what am I doing wrong, thanks for the reply in advance <3

    1. I’ll have a look at it. It has to be ERA that fits the tank’s appearance. Maybe something like Blazer ERA you see on Israeli Sho’t Kal tanks which would also make the tank look more modern and more refined instead of just having plates welded to the tank.

  2. Wow! … First, let me make myself clear on this. I think, s the majority of the WoT community, that you do an awesome job and that WG should pay you for the work you do. You should lead their design team. Definitely. I love the work you do, unlike the others who tries to achieve your perfection. BUT, what a hell are you using now on your web site now?! What did you installed?! Is the site unintentionally infected or what?! Are you aware that when one clicks to a download link of any newly updated models it gets redirected by COINHIVE Crypto Miner site which runs Miner-C Trojan Java script locally on client’s PC? Check the Google for God’s sake before doing anything like this to your own site. It is serious stuff man!

    I am an IT system administrator for decades, and I know very well what I’m talking about.

    Stay safe and force with you! Great job on remodeling though!

    1. What I’m using are Coinhive’s short links it’s nothing but a way to generate revenue through this site to finance the upkeep for it in a time where I’m undecided if I should keep this going or just shut it down. Doing these things take a great time of my free time and while I enjoy doing it I could spend it with doing something else. I think it’s a good alternative to riddling the site with crappy ads.

      Given the link shortener service will use a portion of your CPU time to compute a hash to mine Monero Blockchain before directing you to the download link but it’s not a process that’s running in the background all the time while visiting this site.

      As long as the professionals over at Malwarebytes don’t classify it as a serious threat I won’t be removing the shortlinks: https://blog.malwarebytes.com/security-world/2017/10/why-is-malwarebytes-blocking-coinhive/

      But if you know a better alternative that’s not direct PayPal donations or Patreon please let me know.

      1. Let me put this simple. You are awesome modeler. The best one.

        But you have poor and very wrong ways of making money. If you are so sure about your point of view and the above statement, why don’t you put it as a pinned disclaimer at the top of the main page? That would be fair to your fans.

        Or you are going to delete this reply just like you did with several posts of other guys and mine as well? Are you? You deleted my links specifically pointing to the remedy for the malware you use … intentionally as it turned out.

        You are aware that I have screenshots of this thread before you managed to remove objective criticism?

        Do you want me to post in WoT forum?

        Just get rid of this malware and dont embarrass yourself any more.

        1. Statement posted as requested

          I appreciate what you say but I think it’s a good way to do this. In the newly stickied post are alternatives to get the files including modpacks and using Sandboxie so I think everyone is covered in the security aspect of brower mining scripts.

          Also really? Threatening to post this on the WoT forums? You know of their no naming and shaming rule there, right? Anyhow my intent isn’t to infect users with viruses or trojans, that would be committing social suicide.

          The article you linked is misleading from what I got reading through it and 3 posts within that timeframe is considered spam. If I were to censor everything I would have deleted all your posts but did I do that? No.

          In the end if you don’t like it stop visiting this site and use one of the alternatives provided.

          1. Hat’s off. You did right. My respect on all. Keep up the good work! Have a nice day and force with you! No hard feelings, I had to push you to realize a couple of things. Sorry 😉

          2. Much appreciated. Calling me out on bullshit is always a good thing, seeing things from different perspectives is only beneficial but I will bite back if I feel it’s the right thing though as you saw 😀

            Feel free to challenge me on things I do in the future if you feel something isn’t right. Nice evening to you good sir!

      2. First i want to i really like your work and i have run just about every mod have done. But just a little FYI – the US government and Washington DC city government blocks your site and classified it as a malware/virus distributor, at least that was the report i received while at work and wanted to what you were working on. Unfortunately, it set off a few bells and whistles, IT had to come and run a bunch of programs and certified the computer clean.

        1. Sorry for that. I’ve now gotten rid of those.

          But you shouldn’t browse gaming related site while on the clock anyways 😀

  3. All good here Milky. I just copied the previous files over into 9.20.1 and worked fine (units were Skorp G, AMX1375GF and M4190)
    Many thanks for your wonderful work.

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