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      1. Not comment on the skins since they’re too subjective and I prefer historical and well thought out skins instead of what those are.

  1. Hey Milky! Loving your content, but for some reason, I get “black track” bugs with a few of your models, this being one of them. The other, the FV4202 has dark shadows on the tracks just above the driver wheels. Do you know any solutions for this?

    Here is the bug: https://imgur.com/a/jPSyO

  2. Looks great, keep up the good work.
    Any possibility of an obj 416 with STG parts or should I ask someone else on the forums for a model swap?

    1. Don’t expect anything in the near future since the entire tank needs to be modeled from scratch. A model swap might provide a temporary solution but you’ll have mismatching collision and visual models.

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