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Again in this patch nothing changed that could break remodels so with minimal to no updating they work just fine.

The only tank on the list that needed updating is the 121 due to the gun depression changes.

2 remodels got removed due to WG’s official HD models being introduced.


 My work can now also be found on the official World of Tanks Mod Portal

.wotmod Installation

Here is a graphical guide how to install the new mod format.

You can find 7zip here.


Removed following tanks:

  • Sherman Easy 8
  • Pz. IV Hydrostat

United States of America

Chrysler K GF ( : Front)

M46 Tiger (M46 Patton KR replacement) (WT import) ( : Front)

M47 Patton (WT import) ( : Front, Back)

M551 Sheridan (XM551 replacement) (WT import) ( : Front, 105mm Gun)

M60A1 (M48A1 & M60 replacement) (WT import) ( : Front)

T110E5 ( : Front)

T25/2 ( : Front, Back)

T25 AT ( : Front, Back)

T26E4 (WT import) ( : Front, Back)

T49 (WT import) ( : Front, Back)


E 50 ( : Front, Back)

Jagdpanzer E 50 ( : Front, Back)

leKpz. M 41 90 mm ( Use only one of the script files, not both.) ( : Front)

Sd. Kfz. 140/1 (Pz. I C replacement) (WT import) ( : Front)

Skorpion G ( : Front)

VK 45.02 (P) Ausführung B ( : Front, Back)


AMX 13 57 GF (Black non-WGL Skin) ( : Front)

Bat.-Châtillon 25 t ( : Front, Back)

M4A1 Revalorisé ( : Front, Back)

United Kingdom

FV215b ( : Front)

FV4202 (WT import) ( : Front)

FV4202 (P) Battle-Hardened ( : Front)

Matilda Black Prince ( : Front)


Churchill III Lend-Lease (WT import) ( : Front)

KV-1 KwK 40 (KV-220-2 replacement) (WT import) ( : Front)

ST-I ( : Front, Back)

T-54AM ( Available for T-54, T-54 Mod 1, T-54 ltwt, T-55A) ( : Front)

T-62A Battle-Hardened ( : Front, Back)

T-90A (WT import) ( includes script file for all T10 RU mediums. Only install the ones you want the skin to work on) (: Front, Back)


121 ( : Front, Back)

T-34-3 ( : Front, Back)

T-54AM ( Available for Type 59 and T-34-2) ( : Front)

WZ-120 ( : Front, Back)


Type 61 (WT import) ( Use only one of the script files, not both.) ( : Front, Back)

Type 74 (STB-1 replacement) (WT import) ( : Front, Back)


Strv S1 ( : Front, Back)

Miscellaneous mods

Contour Icons ( : Preview)


CAX Gun Sleeve ( : Front, Back)

Modpacks/Installers including my remodels

Aslain’s XVM Mod + ModPack Installer

Milky’s Mod Shop Installer by _StretCh

19 thoughts on “ Updates

  1. Hello, how did you Import the War Thunder Models ( for example t-90a)? I mean, i couldnt find a way to export them from the War Thunder files.

  2. Hi Milky, (sorry if i make mistake im french)
    I really love ur skins, with it i can play some tanks that i forget in my garage and they are very very awesome and just epic to contemplate them on the battlefield but there are a lot of tanks who need skins because WG is just totally bad for that and the other skins that i’ve tried before are good but not better than yours. I see that u’ve abandoned (why????) do u have friends who do that ? I can make ad for you on my friends but i really need them ! Pls tell me when u’ve 1min 🙂 thx Bro u’re a pro

  3. dear milky

    i used all of the remodel u made and i love them alot
    if i can make a request for e75/is-6 remodel, i would love to see it happen

    best regard from asia

  4. Hello Milky? What happen to the Freedom skins for T34, superpershing and Fcm??? Many people like it a lot. Wish you can release it again!! Btw your skins are super awesome.

  5. Hey Milky,

    Just a head’s up, M4A1 Revalorise model’s script doesn’t work. Please look into it.

    Keep up the awesome skins!

    1. Thanks Sahm!

      It works on my and some friends’ end. It could be a mod conflict. Any error messages in your python.log file?

      1. None, it just doesn’t show up…

        Maybe it’s because of some conflicts with other mods; I’ll try to fix it myself. Thanks for the reply though!

      2. Hey Milky,

        Just a follow-up; it turns out there was an artifact script file in the res_mod folder of the revalorise. Don’t know where the hell I download it or have it in the first place. Interesting enough, it seems that any files in the res_mod folder will override the .wotmod file (res_mod takes priority over the mod folder). Maybe you can post a pre-cautionary text about this for the newbies.

        Anyways, thanks for all that you do. Take care bud!

        1. Ya know, the model not showing up due to the XML getting overwritten by a res_mods located file is actually a safety measure I put in place so instead of the game crashing the model simply wouldn’t load. 😀

          If you run sound mods that might explain why there was a Revalorisé XML in your res_mods folder.

          I’ll add a warning/info text to posts about the overwriting issue in the future. Thanks for featuring my work in your videos 🙂

    1. No since Wargaming updated them with their own HD models. I see no reason to keep those 2 remodels updated.

      1. Your Remodels are much better than those from WG. I dont understand 1) What takes them so long 2) Why are they uglier?

        1. Thanks.

          1) If you’re refering to HD model updates WG also has to create new collision models (armor changes) and possibly adjust balance parameters. They also create them from scratch while I use their already existing model to build up on. The Bat.Chat HD remodel posted here took over 4 months to finish for example and that’s just the visual model.

          2) They don’t have the freedom to do what they want.

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