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In this patch nothing changed that could break remodels so with minimal to no updating they work just fine.

I’m tracking download counts now so every download has gotten a new link. The old links don’t work anymore.

.wotmod Installation

Here is a graphical guide how to install the new mod format.

You can find 7zip here.

Model Changes

M4A1 Revalorisé ( Antennas added to turret model) ( : Turret closeup)

Type 74 (STB-1 replacement) ( New track segment model added) ( : Track closeup)

United States of America

Chrysler K GF ( : Front)

M46 Tiger (M46 Patton KR replacement) ( : Front)

M47 Patton ( : Front, Back)

M551 Sheridan (XM551 replacement) ( : Front, 105mm Gun)

M60A1 (M48A1 & M60 replacement) ( : Front)

Sherman Easy 8 ( : Front)

T110E5 ( : Front)

T25/2 ( : Front, Back)

T25 AT ( : Front, Back)

T26E4 ( : Front, Back)

T49 ( : Front, Back)


E 50 ( : Front, Back)

Jagdpanzer E 50 ( : Front, Back)

leKpz. M 41 90 mm ( Use only one of the script files, not both.) ( : Front)

Pz. IV Hydrostat ( : Front, Back)

Sd. Kfz. 140/1 (Pz. I C replacement) ( : Front)

Skorpion G ( : Front)

VK 45.02 (P) Ausführung B ( : Front, Back)


AMX 13 57 GF (Black non-WGL Skin) ( : Front)

M4A1 Revalorisé ( : Front, Back)

United Kingdom

FV215b ( : Front)

FV4202 ( : Front)

FV4202 (P) Battle-Hardened ( : Front)

Matilda Black Prince ( : Front)


Churchill III Lend-Lease ( : Front)

KV-1 KwK 40 (KV-220-2 replacement) ( : Front)

ST-I ( : Front, Back)

T-54AM ( Available for T-54, T-54 Mod 1, T-54 ltwt, T-55A) ( : Front)

T-62A Battle-Hardened ( : Front, Back)

T-90A ( includes script file for all T10 RU mediums. Only install the ones you want the skin to work on) (: Front, Back)


121 ( : Front, Back)

T-34-3 ( : Front, Back)

T-54AM ( Available for Type 59 and T-34-2) ( : Front)

WZ-120 ( : Front, Back)


Type 61 ( Use only one of the script files, not both.) ( : Front, Back)

Type 74 (STB-1 replacement) ( : Front, Back)


Strv S1 ( : Front, Back)

Miscellaneous mods

Contour Icons ( : Preview)

40 thoughts on “ Updates

  1. Hey Milky, kannst du mir sagen, wann du den Waffenträger auf E100 skin für die Grille 15 fertig hst ? Würde mich mega freuen.

    Hey Milky, couls you tell me please, when you finish ya WT auf E100 skin for Grille 15 ?
    Thank you in advance, m8

    1. Mit Patch 9.20 wird WG ihr eigenes HD model veröffentlichen. Aus diesem Grund ist mein WT Project mehr oder weniger stillgelegt.

      Ein einfacher Model-swap mit dem WG model ist jedoch möglich sobald 9.20 online ist.

      1. Das ist ja interessant. Ich hoffe, dass es nicht allzu kompliziert sein wird, weil ich keine Ahnung von der Software habe, was Model-swapping angeht.

  2. Thank you for your amazing work! I am in love with the new E 50M 😉 Keep it up with your excellent work 😉
    Also apply for Wargaming to make better skins for us 😀

  3. Hi Milky. Are you planning on re-issuing your Type 64 -> Duster remodel? On your Github portal it states you’ve abandoned it and will be doing a new project, but both v1 and v2 link to the same image. I’m not sure if that’s an error (i.e. you’re still planning some version with a Duster hull) or if you’re purposely replacing both with just a variant on the conventional model?

    I suppose I can’t force you to keep the Duster remodel current, but I do prefer it enormously to the flat-front default Type 64.

  4. Hey Milkym4n, let me thank you for your good Job u did.
    …but: since WG released the 9.19 Update the Game crashed every single time when i tried to start it, when your Models were installed. I figured out that the VK4502 B Model is the Problem, removing it from the “mod”-Folder -> no crashes.

      1. The updatet Script works fine, i read your first sentence aka “…nothing changed, old files will work” and i copied the 9.18-files..
        In the future i will double-check the facts because of reasons & “fakenews”… xD

  5. Hey Milky, thanks for all that you do with these skins. I have one question for you though, what happened to the Skorpion G Black skin with the E-75 muzzle brake on it? I’m much more fond of that one than the… shall we say, “exotic” design of the normal muzzle brake.

  6. Hi milky playing the Fv4202 p and turret seems to be stuck on the forward facing position. although it will fire where the reticle is facing. Only using ur Remodels.

  7. Ever considered making a modpack that installs every tank remodel at once so people don’t have to install skins one by one? Just a suggestion. Thanks for your work!

      1. This works great, thanks! BTW, how come the japanese remodels are colored blue? IRL they were colored olive drab and nato camo if I recall correctly.

        1. An updated version of the Leopard 1A1A1 and 110 are coming soon.

          Type 64 still work in progress. It need more modifications

          The others most probably will not be updated. The problem with the Kugelblitz is that I need a version for players with the 5cm gun and I don’t know what I should do.

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