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Since this micropatch changed mod folder versions from to simply copy over the remodel files.

No updating needed whatsoever.

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  1. Hey I was wondering if you finished Centurion Mk. III remodel for Centurion Mk. I? And if so when will you share it on your site 😀

  2. Another super tank. You know I’d be OK if they did an OP Tiger, at least that would be fun- Tigers should be scary. But the Tigers are anything but OP, because Wargaming (back in the day) pointed to the actual armor values and said that the historic values could not change. It was disappointing for Tiger fanboys like me, but I could understand.
    Now Wargaming is just blatantly pumping out made up tanks with made up armor. I don’t know anymore.
    Instead of the Chrysler K they could have skinned it as a Tiger II and sold it as “The OP Tiger you’ve always wanted”. At least that would be more honest.

    1. Yep, totally agree with you. Another Tiger fanboy here.

      But wich tier 8 new russian medium tank are we talking about?

        1. Kv4 krisner or something like that? I really have no freaking idea what tank you are talking about and I have made some research.

          Or is it the gift WG gives us almost every year. I think it’s a tier 3, kind of not OP at all. T-29, as similar or almost the same to the russian T-28.

          1. Probably the STG which is a new USSR T8 premium medium with a 122mm and rear turreted.

          2. that cant be real…i mean, figuratively. ANOTHER tier 8 russian med? Arent there enough in game?

    2. I mean, if you’re complaining it’s not your favorite tank that’s OP and a different one instead….you’re kinda part of the problem. There shouldn’t be any OP premiums. also Murazor is a giant wehraboo (see Maus in its current state) so you might just get your wish.

  3. Hey milky, I just moved all of the .wotmod files from the old folder to the and my game would crash on launch.

    It was your VK.B remodel that was crashing the game, all remodels are fine. I’m not expecting you to do anything about it, I’m just telling you that I had an issue with it.

      1. I re-downloaded the skin and all is fine. Sorry, false alarm, it must’ve been something on my side albeit I do not know what precisely.

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