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  1. Hey Milky, it seems like the mod file for 121 & WZ 120 is not available, when you are free can you upload them to your cloud drive again, please? Much Appreciated man

    Not Found

    The requested URL /files/ was not found on this server.

    Apache/2.4.18 (Ubuntu) Server at cloud.milkym4n.com Port 443

    1. I will post and update today when the EU client gets updated to 9.19. There will be a new updates post as well.

    1. Just uploaded a hotfix. Use the same download link.

      If the shadow issue is still there for you let me know.

  2. milky, does your patton 47 skin work on the tier x patton? i like your m60 for it but i kinda like the old school look like what you did with the patton kr .
    just didnt see anywhere if it said its compatible with it

    1. It doesn’t and I wouldn’t advise using it on the M48A1 since you would have completely different visual and collision models. Waiting for a M48 remodel to come along is probably the only option.

  3. Gun sound, I understand that you modified the gun shot sound for the T90 remodel to the large caliber sound, is there a way to change the sound on any vehicle as i have not found any scrip under the line such as shot_large other than changing the core sound file making all guns sound the same.
    PS a change makes the 125mm sound like the 130mm sound: shot_largeext.
    I just really want to know how to change the sounds as the wot code is all over the place.

  4. Hey, any chance at bringing back the BC-25t from ages ago? (If my memory serves correctly you used to have one)

  5. Any lovin in the Japanese HT ?? Like remodeling it milky since there none on the Internet to be found

  6. Milky that was a very cool install method and thank you so much.

    Where can I find the edit file to delete the ‘search light’ from the gun barrel of the M41 90 GF.

    1. Open up the model wotmod file with 7zip and navigate to the lod0 folder. There delete all 3 Gun_01 files. That should get rid of the light.

      1. Milky, just to let you know I edited the lod0 folder for the M41 90GF as suguested via 7zip (to delete searchlight). Just to let you know it CTD and repeated considering while loading the game. I deleted the mod file and all worked fine. So, it would seem altering the file causes the CTD. When I leave it with the ‘searchlight on’ no edits, works OK as well. Just a FYI.

        1. Ah I forgot it would still look for a Gun_01 file even if you deleted it.

          Sorry about that. A new version has been uploaded with an option to choose.

          Use the same link above to download it again. Only use one script file at a time.

          1. You are a star Milky. That revision on the 41.90 works like a charm and looks amazing.

  7. Hey I heard you had a Jackson HD Remodel lying around somewhere, but I can’t find it on either GitHub or here. Is it possible to upload it? If not that’s fine, keep up the good work and hope to see more of your work soon!

    1. Currently not at home but I’ll see if I can find it somewhere, although I could just release a new one with the proper elite turret since the old one has the Hellcat’s elite turret without the cover on top of the turret.

  8. hi! I liked the T90,I decided to install it . But there is a problem , I move it to mods/9.18. Then launch wot and it crashes. please help with this problem.

    1. Did you copy both the model wotmod and one of the script ones to your mods folder? Also don’t use all the script wotmods at once.

  9. Hi milkym4n Wery nice work! ๐Ÿ™‚ But the old 110 remodel doenst work ๐Ÿ™ please update. thank you.

  10. loving the mods milky! quick question, do you actually have to spend gold to add emblems/inscriptions to the WGL tanks? iirc you couldn’t on the stock version so i’m just wondering. also, is it just me or did you add the 105 gun sound to the t90? ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Cheers! You don’t have to but if you’re a madman like me you can, nobody will see them though, not even if two people run the same mod. Got gold decals on my Blackdog and 13 57. Don’t ask why xD

      Yeah totally did that but it’s not the 105mm one I think. I used the same parameter that I also use for my 121 remodel since it affects muzzle flash type and gun sound.

        1. One would assume WGs servers wouldn’t communicate what kind of emblems others have on the Blackdog to other clients since you can’t put any on the original one but it if actually works and you can see other remodel user’s emblems that is damn amazing.

  11. Hi Milky, first of all I would like to thank you for a great work :-). Is there any chance that Pz 58 Mutz remodel will be available for 0.9.18?

  12. Just as sidenote: the models loads much faster now in the garage when compared with other mods usually installed in res_mods/ folder, which is really great!

    Milky, any hope for the Centurion 7/1 to have a “cloth” on its gun matlet like the M46 Patton or the ST-I remodels?

    1. Oh that is great to hear. Wotmod files are definitely the way to go.

      I could take the one from the Swedish Centurion and put in on the 7/1 when I’ve got free time. If nothing is out in 2 weeks remind me again please ๐Ÿ˜€

          1. Ooh i like it! thanks for the speedy reply!

            I also remember talking with you on the forums about the centurions without the sideskirts like you did with fv4202 battle-hardened, any updates on that?

  13. Hello.
    I noticed that when I install the T90A skin I have a considerable drop in FPS.
    Did anyone notice that, too?

    1. What are your hardware specs?

      The T-90A is very detailed and boasts about 3-4 times the polygons of a normal HD model from WG. I hope you’re not using it for all the Russian mediums hehe.

  14. Great work man ๐Ÿ™‚ As always! But what about my dearest M48 Patton? :O I just got my first MoE on it and i wanted to celebrate by putting on the HD skin you made but i only see the M60 version?

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